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An Open Invitation to the World.

.An Invitation To the World.We are facing the borderless World,opening ourselves up inviting the world to a "GROWTH' focus. WE are inviting business people from all over the world to come and meet the business and manufacturers that you know are capable of making your productand services.Do you want to meet them for free? Make your next business trip the most valuable one you've ever taken by for free sourcing and in-country meeting arrangements .

We will use its online database as well professional trading team in Malaysia to find the manufacturers and business that match your requirements. We'll then match each supplier against your criteria and invite the best to a single location in Malaysia where you can meet them all face-to-face in one afternoon.

Simply write back in the guestbook and leave the necessary contact no. Our trade specialist from Open invitation Malaysia will then contact you directly to work out your vendor criteria. To qualify you must actually come to Malaysia and meet minimum buyer criteria. If you do not meet the requirements the Open invitation will forward your specifications directly to suitable manufacturers who will contact you on their own.

Through open invitation you can achieved the desired result .Turn one day in to a year's worth of sourcing and meeting the right people and connection.Receive samples from the manufacturer that knows your requirement and understand your needs.

Start price negotiations with suppliers as early as your second day in Malaysia.

Register now at the guestbook and we appreciate your comment.

Open invitation is a company with services to help you locate new sources of supply in Asia,Asean,Middle-East.Kindly sign in our guestbook and let us know what you need .how we can help you find cheaper products in Asia,Asean and middle-east and help you cut costs.Suppliers pay for our services thus there is no cost to you, the Buyer.

Featured Suppliers

Changzhou Fengde Machinery Company Limited
Chongqing Bangshi Electronics Science and Technology Company Limited
Guangzhou Dayang Motorcycle Sales Company Limited
Hubei Dongfang Chemical Industry Company
Hengyang Huafeng Steel Fibre Works
Jiashan Jiji Ironing Board Factory
Ningbo Yinxian Xinxin Plastic Co.,Ltd.
Nanjing Yaxing Science -Technology Application Institute
Pingyang Wanhong Auto Shaftgear Pump Co.,Ltd.
Shenzhen Yinghua Industry Development Limited
Suzhou Dongwu Special Type Ceramics Industry Company Limited
Shunde Lehua Ceramic Sanitary Ware Company Limited
Shenzhen Xiangfa Trade Company Limited
Supreme Plastic Products Company Limited (San Fit Tai Chung Company Limited)
Shanghai Y&L Lighting Co.,Ltd.
Taizhou Hongding Plastic Products Co., Ltd.
Wujin Stainless Steel Pipe Factory Company Limited
Wuhu Guangxia Biotechnology Company Limited
Yinxian Donghai Electrical Component Factory
Yixing Yuanzhou Ceramics Factory
Yangguang Polishing Materials Company Limited
Zhenjiang Hanbang Electron Company Limited
Zhenjiang Zhendong Electroluminescence Company Limited
Zhejiang Fada Copper Industry Co.,Ltd.
Zhejiang Yongkang Jinbao Machine Works


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