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Welcome to my unofficial Mahathir Website...

Growth is very important to every living things.Growth is part of living.You will grow taller and that is growth.Without growth we would be short and stay like babies..We should visualize our future without growth.We should discover the world of possibilities. Growth is finite and it is positive applied to human being. M'sia under DR.Mahathir Mohammad witness growth..Borderless world is a world without borders.A world that we can provide peace and securities to all.A world that we can call 'HOME'

Growth is important. Is the world now facing" GROWTH CRISIS?" How long will we see the prolonged crisis?By having sharpened focus will help to create the right growth.Vision 2020 is Growth focusing on having a real clear sharp vision.Sharpened focus create a new world emerges by extending human relations.Sharpened focus create growth that will benefit all human being and a well balanced world .Leader of today will not be a leader of tommorrow but their plan and action will speaks credibility and integrity.

How can we promote 'GROWTH' at times like this.Do the world have lost it's focus?Don't the world have their own set of values guideline just like vision 2020?Have they forgotten the roots of their focus?To create a new civilised world working together and respect each others.Who is to blame at times like these?solution?


A door; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Malaysia's Prime Minister...

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