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Here's some information about the site you may want to read.

General Information:

NAME: Michaels Invincible
GUESTBOOK: Michael is Aidil

Established: 1st October 2001
Designed & maintained by: Aidil J swinger Harith


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Please Note:

This website is not Michael Jackson's personal website, it does not represent him, MJJ Productions, Sony etc., nor does it belong to any of his fanclubs. Michaels Invincible is merely a fan site made as a tribute to Michael Jackson.

Please don't send your letters for Michael to this site.

Thank you also for respecting the amount of hard work and time that goes into making and maintaining this site and not re-producing any part without permission.



The content of this site is Michael Invincible! 2001-2002.
Designed by Swinger.

Michael Invincible is not affiliated with Michael Jackson in any form, shape or body. The content of this site is strictly for enjoyment.