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April 19, 2002 




Site Update

April 19, 2002

The "Letters To NU" section has been updated with new letters.  The Final Fantasy X sheet music section has also been updated with sheet music from the Piano Collections.  Thanks to Hynosnake and Tim.


Site Update

April 13, 2002

I've updated several things on FFMO.  I mainly added new submissions people sent in.  Thanks go out to Hynosnake, Olli, cloudie, Ashura, and alxx for the new MIDIs we received.  I've also added the new "Guitar Tabs" section.  Thanks for that goes out to Deezer from VG Jam and the people who submitted tabs to me a while back.


People have also been emailing me about the sections for Chrono Trigger and Xenogears.  Those sections will be up around mid-May when I have more time to work on the site.  Corresponding subsections (sheet music, remixes, etc.) will also be added for those sections at around the same time.


Final Fantasy XI Soundtrack

April 4, 2002

The Final Fantasy XI soundtrack is being planned to be released on June 5th.  As with most FF soundtracks, the first pressing will be a limited edition version featuring a DVD with a short 8 minute movie from FFXI.  The limited edition will also include a photo book.  


Catalog #: SSCX-10067/8


Happy Birthday Nobuo!

March 21, 2002

A very Happy Birthday goes out to Nobuo Uematsu, who turns 43 today.


20020220 Music From Final Fantasy CD

March 18, 2002

SquareSoft will be releasing the highly anticipated CD recording of the "Music from Final Fantasy" concert that was held this past February.  The CD will be released on May 9 of this year.  The 2-disc set will be in "CD extra" format and will include comments from Nobuo Uematsu as well as some backstage footage.


Catalog #: SSCX-10065




New Section added: " Letters To NU "

March 1, 2002

FFMO has been receiving a lot of fan mail directed to Nobuo Uematsu.  "Letters To NU" is a new section created in response to that.  Keep in mind that almost all of the email sent to FFMO for Nobuo Uematsu has been deleted!  So if you want to resubmit your letter, now is the time.



 New Layout, New Forums, New Contest

February 22, 2002

Well, Final Fantasy Music Online is back and has undergone some changes, both visually and content-wise.  As you can all see, the layout and graphics have been completely changed.  Also, after I've received countless amounts of emails, I've decided to add music from Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, and Xenogears.  I will also be adding a new section for Yasunori Mitsuda as well.  The section for CC is already up.  Expect to see the sections for CT and Xenogears soon.


Forums have also been added to the site, again, because many people have asked for them.  Also, you can now enter periodic contests where you could be eligible to win Final Fantasy/Square merchandise or soundtracks.


As always, Final Fantasy Music Online will continue to be your best source for Final Fantasy music and Final Fantasy music news.  Explore and enjoy the new site and forums and email me any comments, questions, or complaints.